Fri. May 24th, 2024

Online Casino Bonuses in Australia

The Australian gambling industry has grown tremendously over the years. Nowadays, gamblers can enjoy high quality games, amazing service, and top notch casinos at their fingertips. Despite being one of the oldest industries in the country, the Australian gambling industry attracts thousands of new players every year with bonuses.

Welcome Bonus

When you register at an online casino Australia, there is usually a welcome bonus available for all new players. Although these are often limited to specific games or types of play, they offer excellent value for money. These extra funds will help improve your gaming experience and give you some added budget to spend on other parts of your life. Some casinos also have progressive jackpots which attract even bigger wagers than average. For example, when EuroMillions was first launched, it attracted large amounts of cash from around Europe. Online casinos typically host this game so you’ll be able to take part if you’re lucky enough!

Online Casino Bonuses

Free Spins

Online casinos also frequently provide free spins where you get to try out various slots without having to deposit any money. In most cases, you won’t need to stake any of your own capital to get access to them but many casinos will require you to make a deposit before you receive any free offers. This means that you don’t lose anything out of pocket, apart from the deposit amount. However, you may be charged an additional fee to withdraw winnings from this bonus. It’s important to read terms and conditions carefully before signing up.

Reload Bonuses

Some sites also offer reload bonuses of varying sizes. With a reload bonus, you could use an existing bank account to fund your account instead of risking your own money. You should always check whether you qualify and how much you would get as well as what other terms and conditions apply. Some games feature reload bonuses on certain days only while others allow you to set parameters like the number of times you want to play through before receiving the benefit. Before adding any money to your account, ask yourself if you would feel comfortable doing so and if you are ready to gamble. Many people do not realise just how big of a risk the industry poses and you should weigh up the pros and cons for yourself. If you decide to go ahead with the deposit, then you’d better start spending because once you’ve used the money, its gone forever – so think twice before you click ‘pay now’.

Deposit Bonuses

The same goes for deposits. Deposit bonuses are offered by almost all online casinos. Not only does this mean that more money is added to your playing balance, but it also gives you plenty of time to play without worrying about making withdrawals. Most promotions last for a few days and although they are generally easy to claim, it’s worth checking that the payment processor is reliable.

Withdrawal Bonuses

Another great way to increase your chances of winning is to get in touch with customer support and request a withdrawal bonus. This is basically a percentage off your current balance which can really boost your income. Some websites have different methods of applying the bonus depending on the type of deposit. For instance, a cashier’s cheque might include a 10% bonus whereas you could opt for a pre-paid gift card which leaves no trace. The best thing to do is contact the company directly and ask how it works so you know exactly what to expect.

VIP Programmes

Many online casinos have VIP programmes offering special treatment to regular clients who spend a lot of money gambling. Depending on the site, these could range from exclusive bonuses or offers to higher limits on the bets you place. They also earn points which can be converted into cash and prizes. As long as you keep coming back regularly, then you’ll find that the benefits accumulate quickly. You should be aware that they are not the same as playing for real money. There are still fixed odds involved and you could end up losing more than you win if you’re not careful. All things considered though, they can be a very good motivator if you choose wisely.

Special Offers

You can also look towards special offers which are advertised throughout the year. Sometimes these are seasonal based (Christmas/New Year), sometimes it’s simply a one-off promotion. These tend to focus on jackpot wins rather than free spins. However, some sites will combine both types of offers, which means that you could potentially win a life changing amount. Usually when there are large prize giveaways, they happen during busy periods such as Christmas, New Years or Valentine’s Day.


Before choosing where to make a deposit or where to withdraw your earnings, it’s important to consider your budget and priorities. After all, online gambling can be pretty expensive if you’re going overboard! Also remember that although many sites advertise huge returns, they often come at a price. Make sure you evaluate the cost versus the potential gain and then take action accordingly.